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The ‘Housing’ Budget – Our Reaction

It’s been dubbed the ‘housing budget’ such was the Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s emphasis on getting Britain building and moving again.  And while abolishing Stamp Duty for first time buyers on properties up to £300,000 (or the first £300,000 up to £500,000 in high value areas such as London) grabbed the headlines there were some things announced of interest to landlords...  Read more...

The Tenant Fee Ban – Did the Government Really Have no Alternative?

The ban on letting agents charging tenants’ fees is something I’ve mulled over for a while now and I see the blanket ban that’s been put forward as a mistake. You may say ‘well he’s a letting agent, he would say that.’ But please let me explain why I think it’s ultimately a bad thing for tenants and my belief that there is a much more sensible solution.  Read more...

Landlords Need to Get Prepared Now for Energy Changes

April 2018 sees changes to the way Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are awarded. Landlords need to start thinking now about how they can ensure their properties are energy efficient – which will save money through lower energy bills and make the property more attractive to tenants.

Letting agents, it’s about help not hype

I take great pride in being as helpful as possible within my role as a letting agent.

Experienced professional advice is nearly always worth listening to and I’d like to think that my 28 years in the lettings industry stands my views in good stead.

Recently I saw a post on a local neighbourhood forum from someone requesting advice about a flat they had been bequeathed that they wanted to rent.  Read more...

Do we really need ‘real’ letting agents in this internet age?

If you believed all you heard from many online letting agents you’d probably think us ‘traditional’ agents are a dying breed.

Thankfully reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated (thanks to Mark Twain for that quote).

Firstly let me clarify what I mean by ‘traditional’ agents and online companies.  As a traditional agent (sometimes referred to as a real agent) I have an office people can visit, I meet the vast majority of the landlords and tenants who I work with and am based in the area I serve.  Read more...

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